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Project Description
• Powershell Backup (psBackup) is a file copy and backup utility aggregator which aims to provide Sequential Full File Backups to compliment an existing backup solution.

What it is / Features
• Generates sequential FULL file backups to a configured backup location using robocopy. Supports all available robocopy switches plus custom switches built into psBackup
• Allows you to configure the number of backups to keep, and drops the lowest numbered backups after each script run should the total backups exceed your configured limit.
• Backups can be compressed using rar (support for 7zip planned)
• Configuration file based. The script can be started with alternate configuration files. Useful for running multiple backup scenarios with the same base script.
• Detailed logging of backup operations
• Backups are taken on each script run. Meant for Windows scheduled tasks.

What it is NOT / Anti-Features
• psBackup is not a substitute for a proper Full/Incremental block-level backup solution.
• psBackup does not consider any space constraints on the target backup location.
• psBackup does not re-run failed backups should the script fail for any reason.

But Why?
• The initial version was written to compliment an existing block-level incremental backup solution that experienced unrecoverable data corruption. I thought why not get this code out to the masses should anyone find it useful.

Change Log


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